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The Advanced Open Water course may be taken by certified PADI Open Water divers (or individuals with an equivalent qualification).

The Advanced Open Water course may be taken by certified PADI Open Water divers (or individuals with an equivalent qualification). This course is the next step in increasing your knowledge and developing your skills to make your diving even safer and more enjoyable. If you're aged 15 or over then you're ready for action.

Pricing Information

$845 including full equipment hire for two or more people. (eLearning inclusive)
$775 tanks and weights for two or more people. (eLearning inclusive)

What does the course involve?

This course is field-based so there is minimal theory. The course consists of 5 dives made up of two core (required) dives and three elective (instructor or student choice) dives. The course runs over 2 consecutive days and includes diving from our boats at the world-renowned Poor Knights Islands or from our boats on the world-class wreck of the HMNZS Waikato. 

Core Dives

Deep - Dive to a maximum of 30 metres and find out what nitrogen narcosis is - will you experience it?

Navigation - Fine-tune and improve navigation skills with compass use and natural navigation tips.

Elective Dives

  • Wreck - Dive the Waikato shipwreck and feel the adventure!
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy - Perfect your hover, ideal skill for photographers, underwater observers, and wreck enthusiasts.
  • Naturalist - identify different plant and aquatic species.
  • Search and Recovery - learn search patterns and techniques to aid in the recovery of that lost mask overboard!
  • Night - natural curiosity and a different perspective, things DO look different at night.
  • Photography - learn about care and preparation, also tips on lighting, positioning, backscatter, and composure.
  • Boat - bow, stern, aft, and port, boat diving is very different to shore diving. This elective gives you a heads up on the nautical way of diving.

What do I need to supply?

  • Evidence of Open Water certification (or equivalent) and your lovely self.
  • We’ll get you to complete a medical questionnaire. It is very important that you have no history of asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, heart or lung conditions, or chronic sinus/ear conditions. If you have any of these we will need to see a doctor’s certificate stating that you are fit to dive.

Prescription medication, surgery in the last 12 months, as well as a positive COVID-19 test, are recent additions - please make sure you are good to go on all of these - we hate disappointing people in the morning, 'cos we really want to get you diving!

  • You can jump online and do the theory with e-Learning so you are ready for the day - and no heavy textbooks to carry! 
  • Don't forget to download the PADI App before you arrive.
  • Check it out here. You pay about NZD$250 online to PADI, (or $250 to buy through us) study when you want, and then it is just $595 for full gear (or $525 for tanks and weights) when you are here. 

What's included?

  • Advanced Open Water Kit
  • All theory sessions
  • 5 Open water dives
  • Full equipment hire
  • PADI fees and electronic certification card

When do you run the courses?

Saturdays, Tuesday and Thursday starts are the norm, but if you wish to select a different date, just call us and we can tailor a day to suit you.

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