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New Zealand went into Alert Level 4 (Lockdown) to attack the disease early, fast, and hard with the objective of eliminating it from New Zealand. That was on March 26th 2020.

By moving to Alert Level 3 the New Zealand community had met four criteria: We know that community transmission was under control, and the transmission rate was very low. We have robust measures at the border stopping new infections. We have tracing and testing capacity to shut down any new outbreak. We have supplies for, and capacity, in the health system.

We moved to Alert Level 2 on the 14th May 2020 and we still play it safe. But it means under certain conditions and restrictions, we can take people diving again.


To keep our people staying safe and well, our staff will be doing the following, and we ask that you do too.

Regularly disinfect surfaces.

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Don’t touch your face.

Stay home if you are sick. Get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu-like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline – 0800 358 5453. As COVID-19 is a respiratory illness if you have had COVID-19 please see a doctor prior to diving.

Our cleaning and sterilisation of equipment is more regular and includes optional sterilisation in between personal uses. We will supply PPE on all our boats should you feel more comfortable wearing it.

Santiser is available pretty much everywhere on our premises - please use it! It can work better than gloves!

Our back deck staff will don face shields at all entry and exit dive points.

Contact Tracing

It is important to be able to carry out effective contact tracing in the event of a reported COVID-19 infection. We will keep a register of contact details for client/customer contacts/visits.

Keep a record of where we have been, when and who with. We ask that you do too.

We don't want to see it - we just need to know that you are.

Social Distancing

We have halved our boat limits and may stagger departure times, to enable 1-metre distancing and show effective floor spacing.

Look out for the bubbles on the floor.

We will ensure all vessels are well-ventilated.

Our crew to customer ratio is no more than 4:1 during Level 2.

We do recommend bringing your own buddy, and travel in your own group of friends is a great way to dive - no more than ten though. =)

A guide is not compulsory, and if you and your buddy are familiar with the Islands, and just want to get wet with no assistance, please talk to us - we specialise in tailoring the day to suit.

We are stoked to get back out there, but we will not be taking any risks.

We closed early to flatten that curve, and this is the first time ever in our history that we were unable to open for 54 days. We didn't do it for shits and giggles.

We will do everything we can to act as guardians, looking after our staff, our people, our fellow New Zealanders - whether they like the water or not - and our nation.

Please be assured that we will not absolve any responsibility to get you out on the water.


Seasickness, inability to equalise, weather conditions, and personal health conditions are not premises for refund.

Dive! Tutukaka will offer alternate dates/product if conditions do not allow for safe travel.

There are times that the weather conditions force us to cancel a trip to either the Poor Knights or the Twin Wrecks. Swell and wind conditions and directions may make the trip and the diving dangerous on some days.

Safety for passengers and crew are always foremost on our minds, however we also know that divers are keen to get a dive. It is our experience on this coast that our weather is actually quite different from Auckland, Whangarei and quite often the official forecast. With this in mind we very seldom cancel a trip until the morning of departure. Basically we go diving unless conditions are not safe.

For those that drive up early in the morning we are happy for you to ring us the night before (till 9 pm) or early in the morning (6.30 am onwards) if conditions look very doubtful for diving.

We will be able to give you an update and outlook on local conditions. If we have your cell phone number we will endeavor to call you if we are forced to cancel the trips. We also can offer alternative dives if one or the other trips are cancelled due to weather conditions.

Medical Information

All marine related activities, including diving, are potentially dangerous, and may require elements of skill by those undertaking the activity. You should not undertake a water-based activity for which you are un-trained or un-prepared. These water-based activities, including diving, also require a level of physical fitness and that you are in good health.

If you do have a medical history of heart or lung disorders, asthma, or epilepsy, or are an insulin dependant diabetic, you should declare it to our staff. We are not medically trained, but we are trained to identify and minimise potential risk. You may need a medical from a doctor that requires you to be declared “fit to dive” before we can take you diving.

We reserve the right to withdraw any person who, in our opinion, is likely to endanger themselves or others and we reserve the right to cancel any trip, diving, or other activity if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of any other person. If any activity is cancelled in those circumstances we are not obliged to make any refund.

Group Bookings

We would like to be able to trust people, and take them at their word, and face value. We make arrangements in good faith, and with integrity.

If you do change your plans, please let us know, we can easily make alternate arrangements to cater for your schedule and travel plans.

Credit card details must be taken at point of booking to secure bookings, for groups of four and over.

24 hour notification of cancellation – no charge.
6 hour notification of cancellation – 50% charge. (Sole Charter of a boat requires a 12 hour notice of cancellation or 50% will be charged.)

No show – full amount will be charged.


Health and Safety Policy

Dive! Tutukaka is committed to:
• Preventing serious harm to staff and customers
• Complying with health and safety legislation.
• Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement with the aim to eliminate work-related illness and injury.
• Continually improving health and safety management.
• Taking all practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers.
• Committed to the maintenance and protection of the marine environment in which we are privileged to work.
• Committed to acting as kaitiakitanga and exhibiting manaakitanga in pursuit of sustainable development of our environment, and our community.

In meeting these commitments, Dive! Tutukaka will take responsibility for health and safety procedures, however employees need to be aware of their responsibilities and comply with the company’s health and safety policy.
This policy is appropriate to the nature and scale of our risks. Each employee will be actively encouraged to take personal responsibility for safety, to be aware of their responsibilities and to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Together we aim to:
• Provide a healthy and safe workplace, safe equipment and proper materials.
• Identify and manage all hazards and risks.
• Establish and insist on safe practices at all times.
• Accurately report and record workplace incidents.
• Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
• Involve our team in the development of health and safety systems
• Invite feedback on, and regularly review safety systems in order to continuously improve.
Your participation is much appreciated.

Kate Malcolm is responsible for the Safety Management Systems.
Chapter Three of our Operations Manual records how we plan to fulfil our policy in greater detail.