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The Poor Knights offer a fantastic variety of diving for everyone from first timers through to ultra-experienced instructors. The terrain at the Knights is volcanic rock, so there are lots of nooks and crannies, archways, caves and holes, walls and plateaux - everything you could want! The encrusting life on the walls is legendary and the fish-life is prolific. 

As the Islands are in the path of the East Auckland Current which branches off the East Australia Current, we are lucky enough to get some unusual tropical species living in harmony with our resident temperate water fish. There are several kinds of moray eels, some big crayfish, thick schools of fish and cheeky, curious wrasse to name just a few.

On the ride over, keep your eyes peeled for whales and dolphins, and one of our crew will have a chat with you about your experience level and how we can tailor the day to suit you.

The snorkeling at the Knights is simply fantastic and don’t feel like you will see less than the divers, because oh my goodness! That is simply not true! The life in the top 5 metres is probably the most prolific, and the light makes it the most colourful area. The kayaks are yours to use for the day, and the bottom is often seen from the surface.

Photo by Rach Stewart

Photographer - Rach Stewart

We anchor up and serve lunch and stay in one spot for about two and a half hours, and you can bomb off the boat, try kayaking and SUP, go snorkeling, have lunch, grab a hot shower, jump back in the crystal waters, and eat some more!! The time is yours, our crew are here to help you, and help you enjoy the time in this magical place.

Worried about the water? Can't swim as well as you would like? We have life jackets, reef boards, noodles, and flotation devices - as well as a camera that screens the fish action from below. You don't have to get wet to see the fish!

Photo by Reuben Looi

We do two dives at different sites around the Islands. The choice of which sites to dive is made on the day by the Skipper and crew, and is based on exactly what the weather conditions are doing and the experience of the divers on the day. In between dives we have an hour and a half surface interval during which you'll have time for snorkelling, kayaking, working on your suntan, eating lunch and drinking complimentary hot drinks which the crew will make for you. 

We'll also take you on a tour around the Islands to see the magnificent archways, caves and cliffs - and into Riko Riko Cave - the largest surveyed sea cave in the world. After the second dive we up anchor and head home, usually getting back to Tutukaka between 4.00pm and 4.30pm. These times can, however, be a bit "dolphin dependent" - we never know just what we'll see on a day that might slow the boat down a little.

Our knowledgeable and passionate crew will tell you stories and educate you about our Islands as we travel. There is a tragic Maori history that unfolds around you, the dramatic cliffs and breathtaking scenery lend itself to the tale, and the birdlife is unique to the Island. Granted full marine reserve status and being a nature reserve as well, the islands are well protected and very special. Giant weta, 1000 tuatara, 2.5 million Buller shearwater birds, dolphins, gannet colonies, whales, stingrays, teeming schools of fish… awesome and unforgettable experience!