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Complete a PADI Divemaster course, but take your time, spend time alongside our crew, and get some more dives under your belt. We guarantee to get you up to 100 dives for this price!

A full PADI Divemaster course, with all the practical and theory components, but you will be with us until you have gained over 100 dives. Ideal for candidates that want to complete the course, are happy to be focused full time, and are keen to be employed as soon as graduation.

Our course is designed to produce employable DM's, with a strong industry reputation. If we do employ Divemasters we recruit from in-house.

As part of our internship, you gain your full Medical Clearance and OSH certification, and you will be mentored by our experienced crew. There will be theory and classroom work, but most days you will be at sea, and diving! 

Pricing Information

$3900 includes all your equipment, air fills, and boat trips, including PADI materials.

$3400 if you have your own equipment, and we are just supplying you with tanks and weights.

You must complete the theory online with PADI prior to your first day with us.

What does the course involve?

We do not role play. You will be assisting on actual courses, and gaining genuine and not staged experiences!

Our Internship has all the criteria and inclusions as the Divemaster course, but there is no time frame, and you will be with us until your dives are completed. Especially good if you have under 50 dives to start with, as you are guaranteed to get to 100 with us!

What do I need to supply?

As part of your Internship you will need to obtain Medical Clearance, and this involves a full dive medical by a designated dive doctor. 

You will need to produce the statement declaring you Fit to Dive.

The medical will cost $250 and the application fee is $97.

A hardworking but fun outlook on life!

Once you are a Divemaster, and have 100 dives under your belt, it is a simple step to obtain your COC, and a paid job doing what you love!

To be legally able to work, you will need an OSH certification (Occupational Safety and Health) and a Certificate of Competency to be fully employed in New Zealand as a dive professional.

What's included?

All your equipment, and air fills, all trips out to the wrecks and the Poor Knights, all transfers and pool costs, all the knowledge you can absorb from our talented team!

We will pay your initial application and professional fees to PADI. Annual renewal is your responsibility.

We give you the required PADI materials from PADI. A DM CrewPak has everything you need to succeed.

When do you run the courses?

We tailor these course to suit you, so just drop us a line and we will work with you to get you diving as a professional in the industry.

What next?

Email us, pay a deposit, we give you eLearning code, you start the study, and then you arrive here to dive!

I don’t have forty dives yet…

No problems, we can get a DMPrep Package of dives in for you - two dives a day, at half price on any of our boats.

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