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Our Liveaboard boat is the Research Vessel Acheron, with a sense of adventure, and a little bit of luxury – we deliver exploration of the Poor Knights Islands and beyond.

SOLE CHARTERS ONLY - $4500 plus gst for two days, one night, maximum 8 people.

A 24 metre Kauri built Live-Aboard with four twin-share en-suite cabins, and one twin-share cabin.

We do 3-4 dives a day at different sites around the Islands. The choice of which sites to dive is made on the day by the Skipper and crew, and is based on exactly what the weather conditions are doing and the experience of the divers on the day.Hostess on Acheron

In between dives we have an hour and a half surface interval during which you'll have time for snorkelling, kayaking, working on your suntan, eating lunch and drinking complimentary hot drinks which the crew will make for you. We'll also take you on a tour round the Islands to see the magnificent archways, caves and cliffs - and into Riko Riko Cave - the largest surveyed sea cave in the world.

These times can however be a bit "dolphin dependent" - we never know just what we'll see in a day that slows the boat down a little..

The boat will be anchored over night in the complete Marine Reserve that is the Poor Knights Islands, and the night life is not just in-water – the bird life is incredible, and an evening under the stars is pretty epic.

The first dive will be at 11am, the second at 1.30pm, the third at 4.00 pm, the fourth Is a night dive at dusk, so that depends on the season. In the summer months there is every chance of a fifth dive, allowing the fourth dive of the day to be at dusk. Timings will vary, but there is certainly the option of diving as much as you can.

You can choose your dive times on this day with a final afternoon dive at 3pm before we head home to Tutukaka, aiming to arrive by 4.30-5.00pm in the evening.

The Twin Wrecks along the coast here are optional and can most certainly be dived on the way out to the Islands.

There is no minimum, but the whole boat is available for whatever number you have, maximum 8. Book us up and tell us when you would like to go.


Sole Charters only $4500 

As part of the Sustainable Tourism initiative, we are committed to Living Wage for our team, and that means time and a half on overnight trips - so, unfortunately, our price point was too high, and others have entered the market low.

The product was and still is awesome, but the balls it takes to launch something, also come into effect when you realise it is not working for the team or the company.

We have kept her available as a sole charter - you need to grab your friends and she will take a maximum of 8 people, but we no longer can take individual bookings as we just don't get minimum numbers. It is not our kaupapa to have a flaky commitment to our valued customers. 

We are gutted, as we still love the boat! But - this is a business decision.

She is still running, but as a sole charter booking only.

Drysuits also available and PADI Dry Suit Specialty can be taught on the trip. $195 and suit hire is inclusive.

Drysuit hire is normally $65 daily.

Linen is inclusive and includes duvet, sheets and pillow cases, bathroom towel.

All food is included. Snacks, lunches, breakfast and dinner. Dietary requirements catered for as best we can, please advise at time of booking if you need anything extra special and yummy.

Maximum capacity at 8, and as few as you like - as long as the Sole Charter rate is app

For more candid photos of how the trip evolves and the friends we make have a look here. Acheron Facebook Page

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Acheron at anchor.