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Rated as one of the top coastal destinations on the planet by ‘National Geographic Traveler’, the Tutukaka Coast has an authenticity that sparkles all year round.

The Tutukaka Coast is a loop road that heads out from Whangarei on the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, meanders through orchards, farmland and rock walls, before reaching the numerous acclaimed Tutukaka Coastal villages and hamlets that are dotted along the East Coast of Northland.

This stretch of coastline has been rated as second equal best coastal destination on the planet by National Geographic Traveler magazine, and also as a must do in Lonely Planet.

Dig your toes in the sand

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Spectacular, and remote, but with quaint coastal hamlets that tiptoe as close to the water’s edge as they can, with culture and wifi to keep you in the loop. Small local pubs with friendly locals, out-of-the-way restaurants with international recognition, artists’ studios with passionate residents, and fresh fish on the table for dinner, or the smell of honey smoked snapper hanging in the evening air.

Tane Moana naming 2008 14
Tane Moana, East Coast's largest kauri tree.

Coastal walks

The largest Kauri tree on the East Coast stands head and shoulders above the township of Tutukaka, Tane Moana is both sentinel and guardian of a week’s worth of amazing bush and beach tracks, and coastal walks.

Take in amazing vistas, secret bays, historical points of interest, and even a lighthouse. Walks from half an hour to four hours return, and all levels of fitness.

Define yourself

Turquoise bays, sandy beaches begging you to stop and curl your toes into; sunsets that make you pause, and sunrises that make you remember who you are.

The odd Hobbit or two bouncing around at the majestic Middle Earth in the Middle Ocean - the Poor Knights Islands are a short boat ride of the coast – you are ferried to another world, let your imagination take you where there are giants and dinosaurs. The Giant weta, and the Tuatara dwell with hobbits on these isles.

With its tropical pale golden beaches, and lush native forest greens, its brilliant coastal hues of blue as swords of light thrust downwards into the water, the Tutukaka Coast will lay a cloak of magic around your shoulders, and create memories that will last a lifetime.