Poor Knights Islands

Our Poor Knights Islands wonderland

Twenty three kilometres off New Zealand’s Tutukaka Coast and washed by warm currents swept South from the Coral Sea, the Poor Knights Islands are an international icon.

A total Marine Reserve and Nature Reserve - and pending World Heritage Site - the 11 million year old Islands’ volcanic origins provide myriad spectacular drop offs, walls, caves, arches and tunnels.

Above and below water, the Islands are abundantly populated with unique and incredibly varied plant, animal and fish life.

Laying claim to an astounding Maori history and the world’s largest sea cave (and only living dinosaur and largest insect) the remarkable Poor Knights thoroughly deserve their protected status.


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Biodiversity ›

Converging warm water currents, a micro -climate and thousands of years of separation from the mainland have resulted in a unique biodiversity.

Pre-European history

Pre-European history ›

The Maori history of the Poor Knights is dramatic, turbulent and astonishing, especially considering the inhospitable nature of the craggy Islands.


Highlights ›

The iconic Poor Knights have a colourful history, from pre-European times to their pending World Heritage status today.


Future ›

Learn about heritage protection, managing threats and sustainable management for tomorrow.

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Dived 2 days (16th & 17th January 2009)

Thanks for the emailed information and details for accommodation choices. I dived the Poor Knights with another instructor and I’ve over 2 days and have been very impressed with the company’s staff, quality of service, speed of gearing up in the morning, boats and the skipper in particular. I’ve been diving all round the world on a personal quest, to dive the worlds best sites and so far Dive Tutukaka has been exemplary in service handling, boats and from I can, general logistics. Apart from coming back in early March when the water clears and fish life intensifies I’l certainly be recommending your company to professional and friends.

The only ‘personal’ request would be to have a choice between a Chocolate biscuit and say an Almond biscuit (I’m not a chocolate fan you see and prefer fruit biscuits). Its remarkable that its the only item I could possibly think of to change !!

Tim Griezitis