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Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 March 2015

Well, today is lovely, a SE of 10 knots easing to variable 5.

Saturday is SE 15 knots with sunshine, and 21 degrees in the water, and 20 metres visibility. A 1.5 metre swell with a long interval gives us a nice lift.

Sunday - well Sunday. Super Cyclone Pam has currently been upgraded to a Category 5 - which is pretty big. In fact - it doesn't get bigger. 

Different sites are tracking her, and although her intensity typically drops once a land mass is hit, there will be swell and surges along the coast for a couple of days in her wake.

Some are saying 30 knots - and some 60 knots - there are reports of 4 metres swells and reports of 8 metres swells. 

It doesn't really matter. From Sunday afternoon she makes landfall. And then I guess we really know what the wind speed is.

But this is an easy weather call to make - no boats will go on Sunday or Monday. We are on weather watch, and if we can go on Tuesday we will - but that is unlikely. We don't expect to be out of the entrance until Wednesday.  

This is the biggest system that many meteorologists have seen in decades - so please take care. 

Call us 0800 288 882 with any questions. 

There are many sites with maps and predictions - we like this one 

Published on March 13, 2015