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New Years Weather 2016

Friday the first of January has a Gale warning issued with 25-30 and gusting 50 from the south east. A late change to 25-40 northeast in the afternoon. Rough seas and a big swell of 2 metres from the east.

Saturday has a steady 25-30 knots from the northeast, that eases and changes on Sunday to 10 knots northwest and then southwest at night.

Rain is heavy but easing by Sunday.

Swell is 2-3 metres and easing by Sunday.

Wind is 30-40 and easing by Sunday.

But what does this mean?

Every site has a slightly different forecast, but in a nutshell, it will be very windy and rainy from the East / Southeast and then Northeast.

If you are staying on the coast it means a lot of rain on the roof, and wind, to wake up to tomorrow morning. Happy New Year!

If you are diving or snorkelling on any of our boats tomorrow – we will not be sailing on the first day of 2016, so stay in bed. Enjoy the lie in.

We will watch the weather for the Saturday 2nd, but there will still be rain, there will be a messy sea particularly at the entrance as the swell is long and big and from the east. Rain is easing, and the wind is still strong, but also easing.

Perfect Day will not be sailing for snorkelling, and the dive boats will be on Weather Watch, as to how soon this pattern moves over.

Sunday is sunny by lunchtime, and 10-15 knots, so looks like a Go Day for all our boats.

If you have any questions at all, please phone us – we will always be answering the phone. 0800 288 882

This weather pattern always brings the good stuff into the Knights, so we are amped to head out as soon as it passes. The diving will be EPIC!

Blanket octopus

Published on December 31, 2015 weather