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COVID L2 - Learning to Smile with your Eyes...

Here we go again! We have waited a day or two longer to get the wheels back in motion, no need to move fast; we are bringing our people with us.

We have a Level One & Two Health & Safety Plan, and the diving is still epic!

We have our tried and true policies and procedures, and are familiar with Level Changes, and how that impacts us.

You have to sign in, and our good-looking faces are covered - we ask yours are too.
We will listen for the latest COVID updates, and any Level Changes will be communicated.

Alert Levels One and Two mean we are open.

We will follow Government guidance and commonsense rules.

We totally understand concerns and the uncertainty that this brings, and we will listen and respond with care and compassion. Cancellations are totally fine, we are not taking any money until we take you to sea, so let us know and we can rebook you, and honour any vouchers by extending dates.

We have extra sanitisation, PPE, contact tracing site for check-in, and covers for our good-looking faces.

We are open and professional, safe, as well as transparent and dialled in to all of our concerns around COVID.

We want to get this right, we don't want to be reckless or operate in an inappropriate environment.

A shout out to our Aucklanders - #HODORAuckland We love you and will see you soon!!
Diving, snorkelling, and showcasing the incredible Poor Knights Islands is the very essence of who we are, and at the heart of our activity are our people.

Dive! Tutukaka is steadily and safely doing what we normally do, and what we love.

The water is blue, the fish miss you - and we do too!



Kia kaha, kia mārū, kia atawhai

(be strong, be calm, be kind)

cca fern black

Published on September 09, 2021