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COVID-19 Day Eleven

26th March was Day One of our Lockdown, and as we hit Day Eleven, we are almost at the halfway mark for our projected four-week Lockdown to flatten the curve.

In our bubble here in Tutukaka, we have focussed on daily tasks and routines, scheduled Zoom chats and virtual meets. Cleaning windows, weeding the garden, monthly checks, business and household chores.

We are paying 45 of our staff through the wage subsidy, and remain committed to them.

There seems to be a weird parallel universe that we have been sucked into, and at times it feels like we are in some kind of reality TV bubble, or in our own actual blockbuster movie.

Looking around the globe it is eerie to see everyone with the same problem - COVID-19 - but handling it so differently.

There is something quite base and comforting in the character flaws we can see playing out around us - the good guys, the bad guys, the funny ones, the dumb ones, and the clever ones, the compassionate ones, and the idiots.

Just like real life. I do hope some of us will change. I think I like the new reality, I am certainly getting used to it. It feels like we are shedding a skin.

We will see what April 16th brings.

In the meantime, the amazing Poor Knights Islands is getting a break from divers, and parts of the planet are healing, as the human load is lightened.

Stay safe in your Bubbles, and we can’t wait to get into the BLUE water that is out there.



MG 0789
Blue maomao Arch - Photo Credit Cole Johnston and Sole Ventures

Published on April 05, 2020