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COVID-19 Alert Level Two

Well hey,

The incredible irony of the last 50 days of near-perfect weather is not lost on us as we moved to Level 2 on the 14th May, only to find 20 plus knots of wind and two-metre seas.
Ordinarily, those are conditions we would have considered safe to have travelled in previously.
In light of new policies and procedures in place, and the fact that we want to trial, review, revise and tweak them with our team before we take our precious customers out, we have had to cancel our first day out at sea on Saturday.
We are now aiming for a Monday start, where our team will travel to the Knights and iron out the kinks so that Tuesday and Wednesday will be our first "real" days at sea - doing what we normally do, and what we love.
I apologise for the delay and the cancellation.
My team and I are working damned hard to be open and professional, and safe, as well as transparent and dialled in to all of our concerns around COVID.
We want to get this right, we don't want to be reckless or operate in an inappropriate environment.
Thank you for bearing with us, and for your understanding.
Diving is the very essence of who we are, and at the heart of our activity are our people.
Kia kaha, kia mārū, kia atawhai
(be strong, be calm, be kind)
Photo Credit Cole Johnston

Published on May 14, 2020