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Back on Deck!!

We are back in operation!!

We have a Level Two Health & Safety Plan, and the water is BLUE and 18 degrees!

We have a few new policies and procedures, and they have been trialled, reviewed, revised and tweaked with our team before we take our precious customers out.

Our team have decided to not discount, and we want you to understand why.

We believe we are worth it, the Poor Knights are amazing, and we want a sustainable business model that continues to work and survive and support our community into the long-term future.

What we have done is limit numbers on boats for social distancing, and increased our guiding ratio to four divers to an instructor. A Discover Scuba now can do two dives for the same price instead of one. We have sanitisation, PPE, and modified start and finish times, and have a contact tracing site for check-in.

It costs us a little more, but it gives you a lot more.

We believe we are adding value, and giving you more bang for your buck, as opposed to cutting corners and costs.

My team and I are working damned hard to be open and professional, and safe, as well as transparent and dialled in to all of our concerns around COVID.

We want to get this right, we don't want to be reckless or operate in an inappropriate environment.

Thank you for bearing with us, and for your understanding.

Diving is the very essence of who we are, and at the heart of our activity are our people.

Dive! Tutukaka is back doing what we normally do, and what we love.

The water is blue, the fish miss you - and we do too!



Kia kaha, kia mārū, kia atawhai

(be strong, be calm, be kind)

IMG 4985
Albatross hanging with Cole Johnston

Published on May 28, 2020