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A COVID Game of Two Halves

Let's face it, it can get confusing keeping up with what level we are at, and what rules now apply, or don't apply.

So we are keeping it simple. Easy for us, and easy for you. 


New Zealand went into Alert Level 4 (Lockdown) to attack the disease early, fast, and hard with the objective of eliminating it from New Zealand. That was on March 26th 2020.

By moving to Alert Level 3 the New Zealand community had met four criteria: We know that community transmission was under control, and the transmission rate was very low. We have robust measures at the border stopping new infections. We have tracing and testing capacity to shut down any new outbreak. We have supplies for, and capacity, in the health system.

We moved to Alert Level 2 on the 14th May 2020 and we still play it safe. But it means under certain conditions and restrictions, we can take people diving again.

NZ moved to Alert Level 1 on the 9th June 2020, and we still have a few Golden Rules.

NZ moved to Alert Level 2 whilst Auckland went to Alert Level 3 during August and September 2020.

As an operation, we will be open to the public at the first two Alert Levels and closed at 3 & 4.

Alert Level 1 - Prepare

Alert Level 2 - Reduce

Alert Level 3 - Restrict

Alert Level 4 - Lockdown

At all levels we are open, the following is part of our Health & Safety Plan.


That is the single most important way to mitigate any risk of COVID contamination.


To keep our people staying safe and well, our staff will be doing the following, and we ask that you do too.

Regularly disinfect surfaces.

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly. Sanitiser is available throughout our premises.

We use sanitiser pre and post task. We are choosing to not use disposable gloves and masks to minimise the impact on our marine environment, but you are welcome to, please dispose of it mindfully, and NOT where it will impact on the marine and bird lfe.

Stay home if you are sick – call your GP or Healthline – 0800 358 5453.

As COVID-19 is a respiratory illness if you have had COVID-19 please see a doctor prior to diving.

Our cleaning and sterilisation of equipment is more regular and includes the option for sterilisation in between personal uses.

Use of a face mask or shield is recommended, and please feel free to use one anywhere on our premises 

Contact Tracing

It is important to be able to carry out effective contact tracing in the event of a reported COVID-19 infection. The QR code for the NZ COVID Tracer is visible throughout all our premises and on our boats, so please scan in for your own personal records. 

If you don't have the app, we have a paper record you must fill in.

Social Distancing

We have reduced our boat numbers, and always will ensure all vessels are well-ventilated.

A guide is not compulsory, and if you and your buddy are familiar with the Islands, and just want to get wet with no assistance, please talk to us - we specialise in tailoring the day to suit.

One metre distancing is recommended, and face coverings suggested where physical distancing can not be maintained.

Remember you can wear a mask and snorkel all day long if you like.

There may be levels and days that we have to maintain greater group distances, but we will always talk you through, and have clear and open channels of communication. 

We are stoked to get back out there, but we will not be taking any risks.

We closed early to flatten that curve, and this is the first time ever in our history that we were unable to open for 54 days.

We will do everything we can to act as guardians, looking after our staff, and our people.

Please be assured that we will not absolve any responsibility to get you on the water.

MG 0789
Blue Maomao Arch, image by Cole Johnston

Published on September 28, 2020