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2 - 4 June 2017

A front whistles past late Friday night but leaves a strong Southeasterly flow on early Saturday with a 1.5 Easterly swell. 

Rain clears, and Sunday is sunny with easing easterly swell dropping to one metre, and a half metre on Monday.

The wind sits back down nicely at 20 from late Saturday to under 10 knots by Sunday. 

Monday is 10-15 SE with sunshine.

Another disturbed front pops up to say hi, but that is late on Monday afternoon, so go diving, but watch the drive home. 

Visibility is a steady 20 plus metres, and the water temperature is 18 degrees. Still warmer in than out, and plenty to see.

Sting ray nestles in the sand at Brady's Corner, 2nd June 2017. Photo cred Chris Sheath

Published on June 02, 2017