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Another Coastal Accolade


Another Coastal Accolade

The Poor Knights Islands has been ranked as one of the top ten wildlife destinations, and as the best place to see nature at its finest.

Nick Stringer, Emmy Award-winning director and producer of wildlife documentaries, has ranked the ten top spots for the Guardian in the UK.

“I was only in the Bay of Islands for a few days but it was so memorable; the killer whales, the dolphins and the Tolkien-esque landscape, but mostly the diving at Poor Knights Island.”
Ranked amongst Uganda, Yellowstone Park, and South America, the Poor Knights Islands was the only New Zealand desitination that made this directors cut.
He also says, ‘It’s not hard to see why Jacques Cousteau rated it one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.”

High praise indeed!

And just so you know, we are on the Tutukaka Coast, an hour and a half south of the Bay of Islands. We have more bays than the Bay of Islands, but are more than happy to share the love with our poorer cousins. smile.

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Top Ten Wildlife destinations as ranked by the Guardian UK.

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I kinda like the understated beauty of our region being touted by those who really care.

A couple of factors determined the ranking; authenticity, sustainability and stewardship, and the likelihood that the coastline would remain that way. Says it all to be honest.

A word of mouth mention of the Nat Geo accolade by a local makes it quite delicious, and the visitor becomes a story teller who experiences a sense of ownership with the undiscovered beauty of the area.


By Kate on 06 Nov 2010

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The diving was wonderful and the service professional. The crew was excellent, and when Skipper Craig dove in to find a lost wedding ring (it’s our honeymoon!) things turned out wonderfully!

Brian and Kelda Chloe, Colorado, USA